Hi there, and welcome!

I’m Rainda, (pronounced 'rah-in-duh'). I was born and raised in Washington DC and I currently reside in Montgomery County, MD. I’m super imaginative and I am a lover of all things natural, pure and organic!

I'm also a bit of a minimalist and so the fewer products I have to choose from, the better; I absolutely love exploring pure oils and finding ones rich in benefits that can be used universally.

When I created Amara Anthony hair oil, it was out of personal need; I had major surgery in 2019 and the recovery medications wreaked havoc on my scalp and hair. After trying several products, and not being completely satisfied, I started researching oils to identify those that would treat my troubled areas. I wanted something simple, yet effective... nothing heavy or sticky! I created and tested my own oil blends and after several attempts, I'd created a blend that felt perfect between my fingers and even better on my scalp… and the fragrant scents of fresh chamomile and cucumber simply blew me away!

Once I created this special blend and used it consistently for several months, my hair quality improved and I felt rejuvenated!  Flakes… gone! Shedding… lessened and eventually gone! I got my lustrous shine back… and then some! I was receiving compliments on a regular basis about my hair… about the thickness and shininess, to its overall healthy state. People were curious to know what I was using to keep my hair healthy! I had no intention of marketing it, but in 2020 I received encouragement and a nudge that set things in motion, and I began mapping plans to share my creation.

I must say that God works on time!

In addition to having crafty hands, I've raised two beautiful children, who've inspired our business name, Zoe Amara and Christopher Anthony, both of whom I love so very much! I adore yellow flowers, I love a good Cabernet Sauvignon, I love music and I have it playing 24/7 (all genres!), my favorite color is... *drumroll please*...all BLACK everything! ...and if you know, you know!

At my core, I’m a true introvert who kind of loves talking a lot… sometimes ;) What I like to emphasize in life is that we are all human, special individuals with our own paths, and deserve to be loved and respected as such. I like to laugh, and genuinely love everyone for what/who they are. There’s not much in between.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what you do today.” Without any change now, nothing will be changed for the future. Change and compromise is never something which comes with ease, but we are complete fools for allowing our past to continuously repeat itself." - I am a firm believer in this quote and it is the reason why I keep going. I am not afraid to take an “L” (lesson) and it is never too late to start, start-over, or try again! My motto is, as long as we are alive and breathing, we will thrive

I pride myself in being trustworthy and genuine, and I apply the same principles to this product; you can trust the ingredients and be assured that our blend is pure! I am here to help... ready and willing to answer any questions that you may have!

*Remember to always be kind! You never know what a person is facing behind the smile.*